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Choose eADV and start promoting your Ad campaigns: you will achieve expected goals in terms of Branding by receiving very good traffic. We offer Premium positionings on more than 1,500 websites of our network in order to guarantee to your banners the highest visibility offered by the market.

We guarantee above-the-fold positionings on main banner formats:728×90, 300×250 and 160×600. Your Banners will always be visible on top of the websites of our network without the need to scroll the page.

We guarantee fixed-bottom positionings on the format 320×50. Your Banners will always be visible and anchored at the bottom of our responsive websites.


It is a banner (static, animated or video) with very high impact. It is shown once out of 24 hours to each single user. It is generally square and appears superimposed to the website contents. It can be closed manually or it is automatically closed after a pre-fixed time.


It is a new browser window (similar to a Popup) containing the landing page with the products and the services advertised. It appears in background under the window used by the user, generally after at least one click on the page.


eADV offers the highest professionality and its technical experience for the management of your Performance campaigns. We offer Performance positioning on more than 1,500 websites of our network in order to guarantee to your banners good visibility and strategic positionings in all the webpages and to obtain good traffic.

Native advertising

Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears, thus creating a higher interest in the users. Unlike traditional advertising that generally diverts the reader from the content in order to communicate a marketing message, Native Advertising includes the campaign in a specific context without interrupting the user’s activity; indeed, it is characterized by the same form of the content, thus becoming part of it, broadening its meaning and catching the reader’s attention.


eADV adopts Native Advertising on its network of websites through the Hotspot size, that is a sort of window in which several advertisements (from 2 to 8) of products and services are shown. Each advertisement is composed by a title, a description and an image.

We offer solutions of Performance advertising even in standard banner formats, both for Desktop platform (728×90, 300×250 and 160×600) and for Mobile platform (320×50).

A company aiming to promote its products or services through the search adversiting (advertising through search engines) is supposed to be in the right place, in the right moment, when an internet surfer is looking for information about specific products or services.
eADV will help you to plan, manage and optimize your search advertising Ad campaigns on main search engines, in order to guarantee the best results.

eADV is Google Partner: a team of qualified and expert professionals will deal with your Ad Campaign on Google.

E-mails are a common means to communicate with people from all over the world. For this reason, they are also a means employed for Ad campaigns. eADV offers its expertise and the best technical tools for e-mail marketing activities and results tracking, beside to a high-level profiling based on typology and interests. Moreover we guarantee the quality of e-mail databases utilised for the sending of the advertising message.


Why Choose eADV for your AD Campaigns?

Branding and Performance Solutions

Choose between Branding campaigns or Performance campaigns to fit your aims

Branding And Performance Solutions

Branding: enhance your brand awareness through high visibility and good traffic.
Performance: optimize your costs and pay only for conversions or online sales generated.

Multi-Campaign Management

Do you want to activate more than one Campaign? You can analyse all of them through a single account.

Multi-Campaign Management

Just one account to manage all your AD campaigns. At any moment, you will be able to check real-time report and daily costs.

Detailed Reports

At any moment you can check the details and the quality of the traffic received by your AD campaign.

Detailed Reports

Our reports are updated every 30 minutes with detailed data: Impressions, Clicks, Conversions and Costs. All information reported are made simple and intuitive by graphs and tables.

You Only Pay for Traffic and Conversions Received

Every Euro Spent On eADV Contributes to Reach Your Aims

You Only Pay For Traffic And Conversions Received

By choosing eADV as a partner, you will always pay only for results obtained. There are no entering costs or monthly fees. Every Euro of your budget will contribute to achieve the goals of your Ad Campaign.

Quality Publishers

A network of thousand of websites with Premium positionings.

Quality Publishers

Our publishers’ websites are approved by our team one at time and are evaluated on the basis of their graphical appearence and the quality of their contents. The quality of our traffic is daily checked in order to offer at any moment an efficient service and the highest visibility.

Dedicated Assistance

A dedicated Account Manager will daily analyse the perfomance of your Ad campaign.

Dedicated Assistance

Our team will support you via email, chat or telephone during every single step of the planning, the delivering, the analysis and the optimization of your campaigns.

All Websites of eADV Network are organized in Topic Categories

  • Community
  • Cooking
  • Business
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Games
  • Hobby e Do-It-Yourself
  • Entertainment
  • Motors
  • News
  • Health
  • Science & Culture
  • Betting
  • Shopping
  • Cinema/Tv
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • Tourism
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