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Innovation. Creativity. Efficiency. Passion. Reliability. Expertise.

These are just some of the qualities characterising eADV, the AD network representing a profitable meeting point between publishers and advertisers.

If you are a publisher managing advertising on one or more websites, sign up for eADV. We offer marketing solutions to maximize the revenue of your website (eCPM), by monetizing every single exposure of banners, through a high quality service.

If you are an advertiser aiming to increase the revenue of your company, choose eADV. We offer marketing solutions to maximize your return on investment (ROI) through advanced targeting strategies for your campaigns on our Premium Publishers’ websites.

If you are an agency and would like to find a safe, reliable and acknowledged partner, choose eADV. We offer innovative and efficient web marketing solutions for your business.

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Tremestieri Etneo, Catania, on the slopes of Etna Mountain. Sicily. Italy.

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