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Ad Formats for all your needs

If your webpages are Desktop optimized, you can choose to earn by displaying our display formats.
We adopt only IAB standard sizes with very high impact, such as 728×90, 300×250 and 160×600, in order to offer to you the opportunity to display the most remunerative AD campaigns.

As far as Desktop formats are concerned, you can choose the remuneration mode that better suits your needs during the tag extraction phase in our platform:

  • Branding (recommend): you will monetize your traffic in CPM (pay per impression) mode by selecting above-the-fold positioning of the code: the Ad banners will be thus visible at the top of the website without the need to scroll the page.
  • Performance: you will monetize your traffic in CPC (pay per click) and CPA (pay per action) mode by placing the Ad banners in any part of the webpage.

If your webpages are Mobile optimized, you will be able to earn by displaying our mobile format 320×50.


You can choose the remuneration modes during the code extraction phase in our platform:

  • Branding (recommend): you will be able to monetize your traffic in CPM (pay per impression) mode and the banner will be automatically displayed fixed-bottom, that is anchored at the bottom of your webpages in order to be always visible during the scroll of the page.
  • Performance: you will monetize your traffic in CPC (pay per click) and CPA (pay per action) mode by displaying your banners in any part of the page.
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If your webpages are optimized for both Desktop and Mobile devices, you can monetize your traffic by displaying our special formats:
Overlay and Popunder.

In both cases, the remuneration mode is CPM (pay per impression).

  • Overlay: it is a banner (static, animated or video), generally square, appearing superimposed to the website contents. It can be closed either manually or it is automatically closed after a pre-fixed time.
  • Popunder: it is a new browser window (similar to a Popup) containing the advertiser’s webpage with the products and the services advertised. It appears in background under the window used by the user, generally after the first click on the page.
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If your webpages are optimized for both Desktop and Mobile devices, you can monetize your traffic by displaying our Hotspot format: it is a form of contextual advertising composed by advertisements perfectly adapted to the contest and to the content of the webpage, thus becoming part of it, without appearing as intrusive.


Native Advertising is different from other ad formats because the advertisements are not displayed in dominating positioning in the page and do not divert the user from the content in order to communicate a marketing message; instead, they are able to involve him/her. This results in a higher attention to the advertisement and, as a consequence, in a better quality of involvement of the user, both in terms of clicks and actions (lead e sale).

Our platform allows different options of customization of Hotspot format both in sizes and in colours, in order to guarantee the best integration of the advertisements with the structure of your webpages.

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What People Think About Us

The punctuality of payments and a user-friendly platform are just some of most remarkable aspects. At any time, eADV platform allows to access to real-time reports, to check impressions and revenue and to communicate in a simple and fast way with eADV team.

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Andrea Martinelli,
We do really appreciate the simple, accurate and user-friendly eADV platform. Payments are always punctual and assistance offered is always very kind and useful. I can say we are really satisfied. According to us, eADV is definitly the most promising advertising network.

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Aldo Landolfi,
I came across eADV at the end of year 2012, while I was looking on the Net for an alternative (preferibly Italian and paying per impression) to Google Adsense.
Nowadays our website is almost completely supported by advertising offered by eADV. Payments are always on time. Moreover, since 2012 the service offered was costantly enhanced.

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Gilberto Cominetti,

Why Signing Up and Becoming a Publisher on eADV?

Pay per Impression Solutions

We offer CPM solutions (Cost Per Mille Views)

Pay per Impression Solutions

You have only to add the code in a branding position of your website and we will optimize your impressions in order to guarantee the best monetization of your traffic.

Multi-Website Management

Do you have more than one Website? You can register and manage them all in a single account.

Multi-Website Management

Sign in to eADV network and you will be able to manage advertising on all your websites by receiving a unique payment. You will be able to pick up the banner code and to analyse detailed reports for each single website.

Detailed Reports

At any moment you can check the quality of Ad traffic displayed on your website.

Detailed Reports

Our reports are updated every 30 minutes with detailed data: Impressions, Clicks and Revenue. All information reported are made simple and intuitive by graphs and tables.

On Time Payments

Get monthly your earnings for amounts higher than € 50.

On Time Payments

You will get monthly your earnings for amounts higher than € 50 via bank transfer. If you do not achieve the amount of € 50 in a single month, the amount earned will be added to that of the following month till the achievement of the payment minimum amount.

Top Brands

Only Premium Advertisers promoting reliable Brands, products or services.

Top Brands

We offer high quality ads from top Brands by aiming to the best targeting of banners on your website.
This will allow you to monetize your traffic and – at the same time – to make your visitors’ surfing experience even more interesting.

Dedicated Assistance

A dedicated Account Manager will support you in choices that best fit your needs.

Dedicated Assistance

At any moment our team will be at your disposal via e-mail, chat or telephone in order to help you to choose the best solutions for banner placements and to support you for any need.

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